Approval of foreign leave for university academic and non-academic staff is carried out in the traditional manner by filling and submitting leave applications. This system is not productive and it is impossible to pinpoint the exact time duration taken in that regard. Therefore, in order to make this process more efficient and effective, the Ministry of Higher Education has introduced a method of applying for foreign leave online and has initiated a program to make aware the relevant universities on the use of the system. Accordingly, under that program, awareness programs in this regard for the University of Colombo, Buddhist and Pali University, University of the Visual and Performing Arts, University of Kelaniya, Open University, University of Moratuwa and the University of Jayewardenepura have been completed. Activities of submission of leave applications of the Buddhist and Pali University and the University of the Visual and Performing Arts and granting of approval through this online system have already been commenced. Universities which have already completed awareness programs have planned to implement the foreign leave approval process through this online system from 1st of December onwards. It is expected to make aware the other universities regarding this program in the near future.

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