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Third Phase of the Project for Construction of Hostels at Universities Commences.



 In order to implement the proposal No. 324 of the Budget Proposals - 2016 submitted by the new government under the standardizationof universities, Mr.D.C.Dissanayake, Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education and Highways signed the contracts with the respective contractors, on 17.11.2016, for constructing of 24, four storied hostels with 100 rooms that would provide hostel facilities for 9,600 students at once. By the year 2018, hostel facilities would be provided to all the male and female students studying at universities who are in need of hostel facilities through these constructions. 60 hostels were constructed under the Stage 1 & 2 of this project, and 24,000 students were provided with hostel facilities through that. The Director of the Expeditious Hostel Project, Mr. P.G. Jayasinghe - Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways stated that action had been taken to deliver the hostels that would be constructed under the Stage 3, specially, to Sri Jayewardenepura, Colombo, Wayamba, Ruhuna, Jaffna, South Eastern, Eastern and Rajarata universities, which would admit students to technological faculties in the years 2016 &2017,and in addition to the Sri Lanka Bhiksu University at Anuradhapura to provide hostel facilities for student monks. He further stated that accordingly, all the university students who required hostel facilities would be provided with that facility through that effort and the Stage 3 of that project which was commenced on a special request of Hon. Lakshman Kiriella, Minister of Higher Education and Highways, would be implemented under the complete supervision of Hon. Mohan LalGrero, State Minister of Higher Education. 

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